Our Explorers

Emerald Heart girls and boys range from 2.9 to 5 years of age. Some have experienced daycare or preschool while others are new to being away from their parents. They are potty trained. Emerald Heart kids enjoy being outdoors, which is a good thing, because we spend a lot of time in the forest!


Emerald Heart has a maximum of nine. This means our two teachers can give plenty of individualized attention and care for each and every child. 

Our Program Dates and Times

Monday - Wednesday

9am - 2pm


Monday - Wednesday

2pm - 5pm

We have limited spots available for for Spring 2020 on a first come first serve basis.

2019-2020 Program Fees


*includes supplies fee



$12/hr per child

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Our Teachers

Lead Teacher

Taira Restar

Taira Restar has a masters degree in movement-based education and is a registered somatic movement therapist. She is a certified Breakthrough Parenting instructor. 


Taira was introduced to Waldorf education through a handmade doll. She sensed something deeply nourishing and began an embodied inquiry into Waldorf education. It was an easy fit! She and her family were already living a lifestyle that was in harmony with Waldorf values, including respect of and love for Nature.


For the 12 years that her daughter attended Waldorf schools, Taira enthusiastically embraced being a Waldorf parent—participating in school life and seasonal festivals. 


With the help of mentors, she opened Playgarden, a Waldorf-styled preschool program, which flourished for nearly 10 years. She is still friend and mentor to many of her former preschool students and their parents. 

During her final year of Playgarden, Taira was invited to help up-level Papermill Creek Children’s Corner, her local preschool. As a way to more broadly serve her community, Taira stepped in as lead preschool teacher and program director of the preschool and toddler programs. 


Eventually, Taira circled back to her background in Expressive Arts. She left early childhood education to be on faculty at Tamalpa Institute, an internationally recognized training center for Expressive Arts Therapy and Education. She launched Wise Hearted Woman--offering workshops and individual coaching to women using a body-centered Expressive Arts approach.


In more recent years, though her primary focus has been women's empowerment, Taira has continued to work with children.


Taira has taught creative dance and art to children and families in a variety of settings, including Huckleberry Forest preschool program, Cascade Canyon, San Domenico High School, Richstone Family Center and during Bay Area National Dance Week. She offered FamiliesDancing!, the first movement-based family workshops at San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art.

In the past few years, Taira has been lead of the aftercare program at The Bothin Youth Center.


Taira is delighted to be a part of the wild wise nature that enfolds at Bothin and is excited to return to teaching preschool age children and supporting their parents.

Taira lives with her husband and their unruly dog in the forest on Inverness Ridge.