Emerald Heart girls and boys range from 2.9 to 5 years of age. Some have experienced daycare or preschool while others are new to being away from their parents. They are potty trained. Emerald Heart kids enjoy being outdoors, which is a good thing, because our classroom is the forest!


Emerald Heart's class size is minimum of 7 and maximum of 9. This means our two teachers can give plenty of individualized attention and care for each and every child. 


This fall we will transition to fully outdoors. We believe in the benefits of outdoor education and are excited about being a Forest School program. Given that Emerald Heart is designed for outdoor learning, we are hopeful that we can adjust to new CV-19 safety protocols with ease.  
We are currently designing our safety protocols based on Marin County's guidelines for childcare. The children's health and safety are our top priority.


September 2020 - May 2021

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

9am - 2pm


Due to changes made regarding Covid safety, we are currently unable to offer Aftercare.

We will post information on Aftercare here, if and when it is available..

2020-2021 PROGRAM FEES

TUITION $799/month

*includes supplies fee


Non-refundable administration fee required at time of application.


Click HERE for Application Process.


Taira Restar, our lead teacher, has worked with children and adults as a place-based educator for over 20 years. She is a somatic movement therapist and a certified Breakthrough Parenting instructor. 


Assistant Teacher Taira will be joined by an assistant teacher. Our new teacher's bio will be posted here soon.. 

For more information, read below.

Our Lead Teacher

Lead Teacher

Taira Restar, RSMT

Taira Restar, our lead teacher, lives in the forest, where she is in love with the place itself. 

For over 20 years, Taira has combined place-based education with Expressive Arts education.  Her workshops have taken her around the world and back to her own beloved forests and beaches in West Marin. Taira has had the honor and delight of co-teaching with eco-philosopher David Abram (Becoming Animal) and with Expressive Arts pioneer Anna Halprin (Returning Home),  both of whom have deeply impacted Taira's embodied understanding of wild nature.


Taira has a masters degree in movement education and is a registered somatic movement therapist. She has been in the field of movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy and Education for 35 years. Her FamiliesDancing! workshops were the first movement-based family offerings at San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art, where she collaborated with place-based dancer Terre Vandale (Earthdance) and artist Fritz Haeg as part of his Animal Estates exhibit.


As a young mother, Taira was introduced to Waldorf education. It was an easy fit! She and her family were already living a lifestyle that was in harmony with Waldorf values, including respect of and love for Nature. With the help of mentors, she opened Playgarden, a Waldorf-styled preschool program which flourished for many years. 

In summer 2019, Taira was invited by a group of parents to open Emerald Heart on the Heartwood Charter School campus. Soon Mercedes MacCallister joined in. Emerald Heart was born! Taira is grateful to Mercedes for all that she contributed to help Emerald Heart grow during the 2019/2020 school year. 

As a new school year approaches, Emerald Heart is shifting and reshaping. Taira is holding the vision for Emerald Heart to grow even stronger and more beautiful. A new assistant teacher will be joining soon. More information on our new teacher will be posted here asap!