Our Daily Rhythm

Our Nature-Based Program for Preschool Aged Children

Monday - Wednesday

9:00AM* - 2:00PM*

In light of COVID-19 and new safety protocols, in fall 2020, we will transition to a fully outdoor Forest School program. We are excited about this change! We are in process of creating our new daily rhythm that is a variation of the one below.


For now, we are seeing two changes. (1) We will not offer cooking as we did last year. (2) It may be safest to schedule sliding arrivals and pick-ups. That is half the class arriving between 8:45-9:00am and the other half arriving between 9:00-9:15am. Pick-up 1:45-2:00pm and 2:00-2:15pm. 

Morning Arrival Ritual: Teacher greets individual child, Take Temperature with Magic Wand, Walk to Homebase, Wash Hands with Song


Morning Arrival Activity: Art, Craft or Science Activity


Free Play


Potty Time


Circle Time: Seasonal Songs, Expressive Movement, Yoga & Breath Awareness, Circle Games


Wash Hands, Gratitude Practice and Snack

Walk to Today's Forest Home: Child-centered Emergent Focus along the way 

Adventure in Today’s Forest Home: Play, Observation, Nature-based Crafts and Art, Journaling 


Wash Hands, Gratitude Practice and Picnic Lunch


Rest and Story


Walk Back to Homebase, Good-bye song


Pickup or Transition to Heartwood's Aftercare