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Tracking My Inner Landscape

A message that I receive over and over is trust.

I first started getting this message at Mountain Home Studio during a ceremony. About 15 years ago. Since then I have received it countless times.

Life gives me this message because I tend to get anxious. For example, when high winds arrived, I made a last minute decision for forest school to go to Kule Loklo. Though I knew it was the right decision for safety, it was a stressful decision. It meant lots of last minute communication with forest school parents and lots of prep. You can't just bring a group of 3-5 year olds to a new location--for 4 ½ hours--in the rain--on Valentine's Day--without thinking it through and bringing needed essentials. Not to mention, Valentine party supplies!

When you are a Perfectionist In Recovery, this type of last minute change can blow your circuits.

Cherry on the sundae: That night there was no power at my home. No wifi. No electricity. I prepared in the dark. [Do you know Lucille Ball?!]

Long story short: The day at Kule Loklo was pure magic. A peaceful joyful day was had by all.

At the end of our day, a family of deer joined us. As we walked down the trail to the waiting parents, I commented, "I'd like to come back here." The children chorused. "Me, too." "Me, three." "Me, eighteen." "Me, one hundred and five."



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