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Self Healing

A favorite summer moment.

During the forest school year, I promised myself that I would take time for a summer retreat. As July approached, I began to look into retreat locations. Long story shorter, I decided to create a staycation--at forest school home base! It was awesome, especially in the early morning hours. I created a score for myself. My intention was to make nourishing and rejuvenating choices--over and over throughout each day.

During my Rejuvenation Retreat, I discovered this plant (Prunella vulgaris) while walking on a deer trail. It's called Self-Heal. Also known as Heal-All and Heart Of The Earth. What a delightful synchronicity.

A few days later, I realized that Self-Heal is growing in my own front yard! It's edible and medicinal, as you probably guessed by the name. Tonight, I chopped some into a salad.

Nature, as always, gives us what we need.


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