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May Day, A Celebration of Flowers

A Day of Nature Crafts, Nature Dance and Ceremony

For girls 5 to 9 years
Wednesday May 1, 2024
Emerald Heart Forest School, Inverness CA
$100; partial scholarships available

About May Day

Our daylong May Day is an opportunity for  nature-centered creativity and ceremony. It's a time for girls to gather together and to join this beautiful tradition in their own meaningful ways.  

The day will include:

Nature Crafts--Flowers and wreath-making are a May Day tradition. We will explore craft making with flowers and let our imaginations and joy guide us. 

Nature Dance--mindful movement and dance in/with/as Nature. (Note: We will not dance around a Maypole.)

Ceremony--We will co-create a simple ceremony to honor May Day and Mother Nature.

Spontaneous Sacred Play 


Taira's background is in multi-modal Expressive Arts Therapy and Education. Her approach is centered on Life Art Process. Each child can explore and experience in their own ways. 


Our emphasis is on appreciation for and kinship with place--the specific trees, plants and creatures who are our neighbors. Artistic expressions and ceremony are considered acts of care and reciprocity. ​ 


May Day is a program of In Place (new local non-profit) in collaboration with Taira Restar & Emerald Heart Forest School. Scholarships available through In Place. 

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This is a drop-off program. Each child has met these milestones in order to feel comfortable and confident in this program:​​

  • Can express wants/needs with words--with other children and with adults.

  • Can be away from parent.

  • Will follow an adult's guidance and abide by rules.

  • Do not wander off.

Readiness is not limited to 5 to 9 age range. Someone might be ready at 4.5. Someone 10 years might feel comfortable and engaged. Please inquire if you have questions. We are happy to discuss. 

Food & Water

Parents provide water (or water bottle), lunch and snack. We will have extra drinking water. 


Because we are outdoors in all weather, including rain, children dress in appropriate gear. Yes, if it's raining, we will meet. And have fun with water! . . .  However, if there are high winds that are unsafe, we will cancel and you will be reimbursed.

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Registration and payment information

Pre-register by April 28 PM

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