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Satisfying In Every Way

As a teacher, emergent curriculum is often exciting, creative and satisfying in every way. It starts with presencing and listening, which means the child is being heard in a deep way.

Theo asked, "Why are teas and juices different colors?" Great question! We talked a bit and then wondered if we could make sun tea out of grass. The spring grass is vibrantly green. Maybe the tea would be green, too. Sun tea doesn't work so well when your grass concoction is accidentally poured out. Though he was disappointed, Theo 'used his words' to talk to me about what happened. It was time to try again.

The following day, I brought freshly picked nettles and hot water to forest school. With his mom's help, Theo brought mint leaves from home. The children harvested dandelion leaves right then and there.

A few of the children were fascinated by the stinging nettles. Are the stingers electric? Will we get stung by drinking the tea? . . . I love nettle tea and nettle soup. And was so happy to share this favorite plant with the children.

At Snack Time, warm teas were served. Comments on taste and smell ranged from smells like poop (nettles) to smells like dirt (nettles) to tastes like yuck (dandelion) to tastes like Yummm (both nettles and mint).

Theo tried all three teas. He was curious and willing to try new flavors. We discovered that the bitter taste of dandelion is delicious with a squeeze of lemon. Thanks to my friend, Theresa, we had miniature home grown lemons that were perfect for tiny hands.

As you can see, there were many learning opportunities taking place in this one process.

All in all. Ahhh. So very satisfying.

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