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Pink Moon Wisdom

Today is the super Pink Moon. The moon will not look pink, unfortunately, but as a supermoon, it will appear to be larger and brighter as it rises. The pink is because of the abundance of phlox, an early spring flower.

Other names for the April full moon are Frog Moon and Moon When The Geese Lay Eggs.

Due to being outdoors several hours a day, I am noticing--more than ever--the blossoms and new growth on neighborhood trees and shrubs.

At forest school, we recently noticed two flowers. One is Hound's Tongue (Cynoglossum grande), a springtime wildflower that is deep purple and blue.

Two kids discovered the flowers on a California bay laurel (Umbellularia californica.) Everyone gathered around to admire the lacy blossoms that grow in clusters. (Photo above) They smell like honey!

Around my cabin, wild azaleas are blooming. (Photo below) Spring is in the air!

What signs of the season are you experiencing?

What would you name this lunar cycle?


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