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On Track

During various times of my life, a particular animal has appeared as a messenger and inspiration. On January 1st, I was hoping for an animal to show up. I even tried to 'make one' show up. "There's a squirrel! Is Squirrel my animal??" (Yea, I know!)

Then, in through the metaphoric back door came Coyote. It started with hearing coyotes howling at night. I saw their tracks by day. I began to read up on coyotes.

Then last weekend, I was asking for guidance and a coyote walked by. I placed my bare feet on the fresh tracks . . . giving new meaning to the expression On Track.

I heard: Follow your instinct.

I invite you to join me in this practice. Follow your instinct.

Pause and listen.

The body is wise.

Let's see what unfolds as we follow our instincts into this new year.


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