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My Squirmy Secret

Most kids love worms.

I was not that kid.

I'm not that adult.

I'm thinking about worms because of our recent full moon, whose name is Worm Moon.

Yeah, I'm a forest school teacher who should love worms. BUT . . . Secretly . . . Gross!

I am happy to say that I have made a teeny weeny bit of progress with regards to my little wiggley neighbors. Thanks to some other littles.

The children in my forest school created a spontaneous performance. I was invited to watch. It was a diverse audience. Next to me, on the seat of honor, was an earthworm. "That's Squirm Squirm. Be careful not to sit on him!"

That same rainy morning, hundreds of earthworms made their way out of the hard packed ground and up into our view. I've never seen anything like it. By afternoon, Poof!, the earthworms were back inside the earth. No longer in our sight.

I've experienced that type of massive appearance with frogs and with butterflies and with living sand dollars. When you stay in one place long enough or often enough, you receive those surprise gifts. They fill me with awe and gratitude.

Learning to observe. And accept and appreciate. One small wonder-filled step (or should I say one small wonder-filled squirm) at a time.

What or who are you slowly learning to appreciate?


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