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Moving Westward

It's happening! Emerald Heart is heading to the coast.

We enjoyed being in Fairfax. And feel truly grateful for all of our forest friends at Deer Park, including the Umbrella Tree, the Pirate Tree, the towering redwoods, Sister Deer, Brother Crow and the neighbors who regularly walked by--like Juliana, a friendly wise woman who greeted every child by name, and Flower, the wolf dog.

It's sad for children, parents and teachers to disband. As a seasoned teacher, I know saying good-bye is hard. And that's a good thing, as it means that we shared genuine care for each other.

Now my attention is turned towards creating our new home base in Inverness Park. A trail is being created. A storage shed is being planned and built. Fallen Douglas fir trees are being milled for tables and benches. It's exciting!

Our new class of children are forming. And that's exciting, too!

Former preschool students of mine, who are now young adults, and their parents are supporting this move. Neighbors are offering help. One has invited us to visit her ponies and goats. Something beautiful and multigenerational is starting to organically form.

Have you ever decided to make a big move that created tons of extra work, seems kind of crazy to others . . . and also "feels right"? That's my world these days. . . . I'll keep you posted! ;)


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