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Moon Wisdom

Happy Full Moon!

One of the names for the January full moon is Wolf Moon. Another is Cold Moon.

Typically, the names are based on what is happening in nature during that particular moon cycle.

The original people of my home place are Miwoks. I will need to do some gentle research. I am curious what their names are for the full moons.

If I were to name this full moon, I might name it the Elephant Seal Moon, because at this time of year, our local beaches are home to breeding Elephant Seals and their pups. Don't let the word pup fool you. These babies are not cute furry puppies. They are giant marine mammals. At birth, they weigh about 75 pounds. In the first month, drinking high fat mother's milk, they gain about 200 pounds.

What happens in your place at this time of year?


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