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Full Buck Moon

Today's full moon is known as the Buck Moon, because this is the time of year when male deer are growing their antlers. Their new antlers have a layer of fuzzy skin called velvet. Bucks use their antlers for many purposes including defense and for knocking fruit off trees.

Here in the Inverness Ridge, there is an abundance of black-tailed deer activity. Our home sits on a hillside. We are able to look down into the forest below us. It is possible to watch deer--and many other four legged neighbors--without being seen.

My 1 1/2 year old grandson loves to watch the "Papa Deer." He says, "More Papa Deer." That's his way of telling us that he wants to see the buck again.

Recently my husband and I watched a skunk foraging for food. It's fluffy tail was like feathers. . . . I was glad to be behind a window.

What is naturally occuring in your home place?

What would you name this full moon?


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