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Decisions Decisions

Decisions! Decisions! We all make decisions every day.

Should I drink some water now?

Small daily decisions are typically not that big of a deal to make. What about big decisions?

Recently, I had to make a BIG decision about forest school. It got me thinking about the process of decision making.

In the past, decision making was grueling for me. Running in circles on my mental hamster wheel while obsessing over pros and cons.

Sometimes our best teacher is the two legged or four legged creature who show us what NOT to do!

In more recent years, my practice of loving has helped a lot. Here are 4 of my love-based tips:

Ask questions.

~* What's the best thing and worst thing that can happen?

~* Will doing ___ expand my health, joy, finances or opportunity to be of service?

~* What do I really truly deep down want to do?

~* What does my body wisdom have to say about this?

Be open to receiving guidance through intuition and synchronicities.

Be loving and kind to yourself.

"Yeah, making this decision feels scary/stressful at times. You've got this."

Place the situation into the Hands Of Divine Love. And let go . . . at least for now.

Do you have a helpful strategy for making big decisions?

Speaking of Hamster . . . Turns out that there are many ideas on WHY hamsters run on their wheels. Some research suggests that hamsters do it for mental health benefits. It reduces stress and calms. They do it for self care.

Hmmm. I better sift through my dislike for rodents as pets and look deeper into Hamster as teacher. As usual, looks like I have a lot to learn. ;)

I am curious . . . Have you learned a lesson from an unlikely teacher?



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