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Coyote Conference 2023

Should I go? What's the weather forecast? Rain and snow. How many inches of snow? Will the road conditions be safe? Where is my snow gear? Will I get back in time for work on Monday morning? What are others in our group deciding to do?? Yikes, they are dropping out.

I'm going for it!


In early March, I went to Coyote Conference in Nevada City. A gathering of folks who work with kids outdoors. Mostly naturalists.

There were hoops to jump through, including weather conditions and a canceled motel room. . . . Including a self-judgement all-nighter. Ugh.

In the end, the weekend was mysteriously sacred. The snow was serene and cleansing. And not a single driving issue. I was able to do my first Bird Sit and my second tracking in snow. I had the honor of being in Circle with many inspiring educators and received spot-on teachings from indigenous elders and seasoned naturalists. I was able to pray for and hold space for a Lanape Apache elder who shared a deep healing.

One of my highlights was starting a plant dyed silk scarf, which I finally completed a couple of days ago.

My next steps for forest school--how and why to uplevel--are clear and uplifting. My heart is filled with gratitude for my experiences there.

Thank you to Mia Andler of Vilda Nature and Rick Berry of 4 Elements for co-hosting and co-facilitating the conference. It was a treat to be a participant, to soak in the sessions and to meet the wild of that forest.


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