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Colorful Soul Food

I grew up in a family of artists. Color feeds my soul. In winter, I savor the myriad of browns and grays. Now the first blues, purples and yellows of wild flowers splash the forest floor.

This week at forest school, I spread out a variety of little paint sample cards. That was enough to get the attention of a few children. Suddenly, we were all playing a game of Color Hunt. What colors can we find? Some children found a whole rainbow of colors. While other children found two or three colors.

My favorite moment was when one child dumped a small handful of dirt on top of one of the many brown cards. What a creative idea!

It's so important for us adults to tap into our own enthusiasm. To offer crafts or stories or projects that light us up. Joyful enthusiasm is often contagious.

What simple activities feed your soul? How could you offer that to your child or students?


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