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Color Matching Game

One morning at forest school, the children went on a Color Hunt. The next day, they played a variation--a Color Matching Game.

Is this bay nut more like this shade of red? Or that shade of red?

Is this flower more like this shade of yellow? Or that shade of yellow?

I used little paint sample cards (aka paint chips), which are often available for free where house paint is sold. I love those little cards! Just sayin'!

After the Color Matching Game, drawing paper and crayons were set out as a way to deepen the children's experiences with color.

I was secretly pleased that everyone chose to draw.

Interestingly, almost everyone drew a map. Some had an obvious X to mark the treasure spot. I couldn't help but wonder if the maps were inspired by our two days of seeking and finding colors.

Later, during Snack Time, the children were delighted by Swatch: the Girl Who Loved Color by Julia Denos.

Wishing you a many colored day!


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