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An Equinox Invitation

Whether March 20 is spring equinox or autumn equinox for you and your neighbors, I am wondering . . .

How is your life reflecting this seasonal movement?

What change are you in the midst of?

How can you love yourself in the midst of this change?

What can you do today / this week to take that love into action?

Change can feel scary. Exciting. Relieving. Uplifting.

Change can be swift. Long and drawn out. Wobbly. Sure footed.

I invite you to

  • take a walk

  • dance outdoors

  • create a simple ceremony

  • draw

  • reflect in your journal

  • write a story

  • lay down and breathe

to honor this time of outer/inner change.

Be alone or gather with family or friends. Keep it simple and doable. And, hopefully, enjoyable.

In case you are wondering, I invited myself to meander on (and off!) our forest trail. It was deeply nourishing to slow down, lose track of time and drink in the sounds and smells.


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