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A Poem Gives Voice to Voice

Did you ever read a story or quote or poem that is just right for you in that moment? It seems like it was meant just for you. The timing couldn't be more perfect. And you feel grateful or validated or inspired. And you put it in your heart pocket to keep.

That's what happened to me today. I came across this poem, which gives voice to my own hopes. It speaks to my Big Why. Which is why I have been working so hard this summer to prepare the new home base for my forest school. Geez Louise, I am lifting logs, shoveling sawdust (it's way heavier than it sounds), buying reclaimed doors and windows (never done that before) and all types of manual and mental labor. I'm super motivated. This poem gives voice to my voice. And if you are reading this now, just maybe it gives voice to your voice, too.

Deep bow to you, Nicolette Sowder, and all who are loving our precious planet through action.

Wilder Bond

May we raise children

who love the unloved

things – the dandelion, worms


Children who sense

the rose needs the thorn

run into rainswept days

the same way they

turn towards the sun.

And when they're grown & someone

has to speak for those who

have no voice

may they draw upon that

wilder bond, those days of

tending tender things

and be the ones.

-Nicolette Sowder


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