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Emerald Heart

A forest school for three to six year olds


At Emerald Heart, we honor and nourish relationships to ourselves, each other and earth. We value the unique inner landscape of each child and the dynamic landscape of our forest home. 

Our place-based nature immersion program for preschool and pre-k aged children is in the Inverness / Point Reyes area of coastal Marin County, CA.

We are currently enrolling for Winter/Spring 2022.

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New location +

Fairfax location

In July 2021, Emerald Heart moved from Fairfax to Inverness Park in west Marin.
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Our sister forest school, A Wilder Harmony, is offering a similar program in our former location in Fairfax. 

Contact their director for information.

Teacher Taira. My son's first preschool experience was with Taira Restar, truly an expert at supporting early childhood.


I'll never forget that my son (aged 3 at the time) would get so overstimulated during free play that he would stand in the middle of the group and scream. How did Taira deal with it? She SAW him in all his intensity and sensitivity--really saw him. She created a plan for him to "help" her prepare snack in a different area BEFORE he melted down. Suddenly school became the safest place for him to be.


I'm not sure who learned more, my son or me.


What a gift Taira is and how fortunate that children get to attend Emerald Heart Forest School with such a master. 

Alane Freund, MS, MA, ICHS
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

International Consultant on High Sensitivity


Thank you for all you did for Audrey this past year.  I absolutely loved your forest school and all the amazing projects you did--pine cone crafts, scavenger hunts and art work.  The words and messages you gave to these children are priceless. They have been given a real gift.  I will always remind Audrey to continue the Kindness Club, practice gratitude and learn to recognize and appreciate the beauty and awesomeness of the natural world. I hope our paths cross again.

Rachel Pedemonte, RN